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Clean up, rejuvenate, and improve gaming hardware. Our modifications extend the life span of your gear and make it look better. We care deeply about design aesthetics, about the practicality of each detail, you feel the difference.


Professional esports Hardware

for everyone

GGRIP is a leading innovator in cosmetic hardware modifications for gaming and esports. We work with pro gamers and teams throughout the world to upgrade their gear to the next level. We know what makes a difference and the details matter.


We want to share our creations and are working with game publishers and communities across the globe to bring you the best looking in class gaming peripherals to get you your unique style for your game.

Creators of and a range of exciting collaborations and unique gaming art. 

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If you're in an esports team, a publisher, or you have a community and you're looking for a competitive edge, or something truly unique, we can help.


We have a range of technologies and methods to meet your goals: If you're looking for bespoke skins, limited edition hardware, competition prizes, or even a record breaking mouse, we might already have something in the lab.


When it comes to design there are almost no limitations.

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Leicester, United Kingdom

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